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Organizer of Festival fantazie series of festivals is cso SFK Avalon which was created in 2001 by the members of sci-fi association Avalon (from 1994). Goals and means of this organization are described in articles of SFK Avalon. Place for cooperation is open for individuals I want to be a staff member I want to help FF series of festivals and for companies here Partnership.

SFK Avalon has two employees. Other staff members, leaders of lecture lines and authors of programs prepare their shows in their free time and only for nominal reward. Incomes from festivals are used for improving programme, services, organization and technical base. Partners of our festivals secure a bigger part of our programme and prizes for the tournaments, they help us with propagation, and partly contribute to running of playroom, they also help us to bring some guests from abroad and so on.

Even though of voluntary character of these festivals, organizers are trying to be as much professional as they can and they take full responsibility for rented properties. This is why we have so strict rules about behvaiour on our festivals: Organization rules. Please let us know if there is something that could be fixed. Staff members who are on their shift wear t-shirt with logo and staff tags, if their shift is over, they will be wearing only tags.

Main organizers

Ing. Václav Pravda

head manager of the festivals

Strategy of development, partnership and cooperation, whole organization, organization in buildings, program, web, guests, marketing, grants, management of business

Ing. Petra Dvořáková

asistent of the association

Support of head manager and other head organizators. Accountancy, administration, processing of applications, in charge of guests. Head of the refreshment department.

Ing. Pavel Bačkovský

deputy manager

Management of business. In charge of housing. Special tasks. Deputising for head manager.

Ing. Tomáš Bačkovský

deputy manager

Head manager of GameFFest: PC game and console room, board and card games, DDR, RPG ... Deputising for head manager.

Mgr. Zdenka Hanusová

head manager of reception

Reception and housing management. Entrance fees, dispensing of commemorative goodies, retailing of seat reservation tickets, information giving.

Radek Novický

head of IT department

Securing and operation of technics and software, managing of technical and print centre, services for lecturers, special programs.

Pavel Fiala

head of cleaning department

Management of cleaning and refilling hygienic stuff.



Direct e-mail adresses on each organizer can be found in their names. Other contacts.